The purpose of the “Network on the Economics of Food Choice and Health” is to provide a platform for young professionals and senior researchers from different disciplines such as economics, food sciences and animal hygiene and from different countries (Germany, the US and Canada) to work together in an interdisciplinary forum. The network’s focus lies on analysing dietary patterns and food safety issues from an economic as well as from a behavioural perspective in order to support healthy food choices of consumers. To benefit from the different research areas covered by the network members public events are organized. For example the First Joint EAAE/AAEA – 115th EAAE Seminar on ‘The Economics of Food, Food Choice and Health’ was organized by the network in Freising, Germany and took place in September 2010.

Malnutrition and unsafe foods are as much economic and behavioural issues as they are nutritional and health issues. Deficiencies and excess in a person’s intake of nutrients and other dietary elements needed for a healthy living on the one hand and toxins on the other hand are the result of individual but as well industrial choices and behaviour with individual, industrial and societal consequences. The aim of the events is to provide insights into the determinants of food choice, food availability as well as regulatory methods and their possible impact on health. For example at the First Joint EAAE/AAEA Seminar studies from micro-, health- and behavioural economics, food marketing and food science were brought together in order to explain interdependencies among risks resulting from unhealthy diets or unsafe food and to analyse opportunities to manage these risks.


Prof. Dr. Monika Hartmann
University Bonn
Chair of Agricultural and Food Market Research

Dr. Carola Grebitus
Asst. Prof. of Food Industry Management
Morrison School of Agribusiness
Arizona State University - Polytechnic

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