Track Session on ‘Food consumption challenges in the 21st century:  trust, technology, food safety and the demand for food’ at the Annual Meetings of the AAEA, Pittsburgh, USA
Organizers: Jutta Roosen and Larissa S. Drescher (TUM School of Management, Germany)

Abstract (session theme and focus):
Consumer interest in food is often driven by concerns regarding food safety as well as food production and processing technologies. In this session developments in food technology (e.g. nanotechnology) and extreme food safety incidents (e.g. Listeriosis crisis in Canada in 2008 which killed 22 people) are examined on their impact regarding consumers' individual food choices. The impact that food safety incidents and media coverage of those incidents have on consumers' market demand in general has been regularly analysed (Liu et al., 1998; Böcker and Hanf, 2000, Maney and Plutzer, 1996). However, far less research has been conducted on the impact of new technologies or food safety on consumers’ trust or distrust. Also, its influence on particular types of foods chosen at the individual or household level have been overlooked. Without any doubt, food safety and food technology issues are intertwined with consumer trust in food, in food producers and processors as well as in restaurants.
Trust is multidimensional. This also holds for the relationships between technology or food safety incident, trust and food purchasing. Different models are used to establish trust and how it changes. This session provides research on the impact of trust on consumers' food consumption, trust towards food in general and food packaging in particular and the mediating impact of knowledge on trust in food. Results presented come from studies conducted in France, Germany, the UK, the US and Canada applying different techniques ranging from consumption analysis to (combined) stated and revealed preference behaviour modelling. This session is organized by FSN members that are also members of the newly developed transatlantic "Network on the Economics of Food, Food Choice and Health" funded by the German Research Foundation.

Moderator:  Monika Hartmann (University of Bonn, Germany)

The Canadian Listeriosis outbreak: Is trust linked to consumers response in food away from home consumption?
Larissa S. Drescher (TUM School of Management, Germany); Ellen Goddard (University of Alberta, Canada); Jeewani Fernando (Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Canada)

Trust towards food packaging: Natural versus chemical reactions
Carola Grebitus (University of Bonn, Germany); Helen H. Jensen (Iowa State University, USA); Jutta Roosen (TUM School of Management, Germany)

Perception of food nanotechnology, trust and knowledge
Jutta Roosen (TUM School of Management, Germany); Andrea Bieberstein (TUM School of Management, Germany); Frederic Vandermoere (Gent University, Belgium); Sandrine Blanchemanche (INRA, Paris, France); Stéphan Marette (INRA, Paris, France)

Trust in food in the UK
Derrick Jones (Food Standards Agency, UK)