Invited Panel at IAAE meetings Brazil, August 2012: Media, Information and Consumer Acceptance of New Technologies
Organizer: Jutta Rosen (TUM School of Management)
Chair: Riccardo Scarpa

  • Junfei Bai, Jin Jiang, Caiping Zhang and Jikun Huang (Chinese Academy of Science): The Role of Certificate Issuer on Consumers’ Willingness-To-Pay for Milk Traceability in China
  • Jill J. McCluskey (WSU) and Armenak Markosyan: Enhanced Quality and Perceived Risk of New Technology
  • Jutta Roosen (TUM School of Management), Andrea Bieberstein (TUM School of Management) , Ellen Goddard (University of Alberta), Frederic Vandermoere (University of Gent): The morality of attitudes towards nanotechnology: Evidence from Europe and Canada