Network members

The “Network on the Economics of Food Choice and Health” includes young professionals as well as senior researchers. The members of the network facilitate an interdisciplinary approach as they are working in the fields of economics, food and agricultural economics, business and marketing, food science and animal science. This is necessary to tackle the economics of a healthy food choice. Moreover, the network members are doing research on two different continents, in three different countries, at five different universities and six different departments. This gives the opportunity to include the latest scientific findings with regard to the network’s objectives. This is of particular importance, since most of the research on the network’s topic (Food and Health Economics) is conducted in North America, so far.

Overall, the breadth of research topics under the theme economics of healthy food choice is extensive. One of the most significant outcomes of the operation of a network in this area is the possibility for team members to work directly together, achieve economies in data analysis, collaborate on specific research questions to provide a national and international assessment, and enhance analytical capacity through networking.

In the following the members of the network are portrayed briefly by describing their field of expertise.

Sean Cash, Ph.D., is Associate Professor at the Department of Food and Nutrition Policy, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University, Boston, MA. He is working on economic analysis of food policy and consumer behaviour. Recent projects focus on the use of “fat taxes” and fruit and vegetable subsidies, policy interventions in childhood obesity, economic analysis of food sensory panels, public vs. private rankings of food safety risks, public perception of food security issues, and economic barriers to adherence to diabetes treatment programs.

Dr. Larissa Drescher is assistant professor at the Department of Marketing and Consumer Research of the TUM Business School. She is working on microeconomic studies on healthy eating, e.g. the demand for food diversity, as well as willingness to pay for diet quality, consumer trust in the food industry, economic and political aspects of childhood obesity, private food quality standards, and food labelling.

Prof. Ellen Goddard, Ph.D. is Cooperative Chair in Agricultural Marketing and Business, University of Alberta. Over the past 20 years Professor Goddard’s research has been focused on economic modeling of domestic and international commodity sectors for policy analysis purposes. Current research includes various aspects of food marketing including consumer response to food safety incidents, consumer interest in labels, demand for credence attributes and certification. She also currently leads a national policy research network for Agriculture and Agri-food Canada in Consumer and Market Demand for Food and a major socio-economic research program examining the impact of BSE on Canada.

Dr. Carola Grebitus is assistant professor at the Morrison School of Agribusinesst, Arizona State University - Polytechnic, USA. She is working on consumer acceptance of food technology including food safety aspects as well as influence of food labelling on purchase decisions. In particular she analyzes perception, attitudes, preferences and willingness to pay regarding for example modified atmosphere packaging. Furthermore, she is working on lifestyle-oriented health promotion and the question of how to create target oriented communication strategies for a healthy diet as well as uncovering determinants of parents’ purchase patterns of food for children.

Prof. Dr. Monika Hartmann is Chair of Agricultural and Food Market Research at the Institute for Food and Resource Economics, Bonn University. Among others she is currently working on fruit and vegetable consumption of children focusing on relations between advertisement and health promotion as well as determinants of parents’ purchase patterns of food for children.

Prof. Helen H. Jensen, Ph.D., is professor of economics and head of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development’s Food and Nutrition Policy Division. Her current research focuses on food programs and policies, including food safety. Jensen's major areas of research are food demand analysis, food assistance and nutrition policies, issues related to food security, and the economics of food safety and food hazard control options.

PD Dr. Judith Kreyenschmidt is assistant professor at the Department for Animal Sciences, Bonn University. Her research focuses on predictive modeling, new technologies to improve food quality and safety, optimization of food packaging, integration of new temperature monitoring systems e.g. Time Temperature Integrators in different cold supply chains and optimization of food quality and safety in private households. She has participated in several EU-projects and is coordinator of a working group in the field of Cold Chain Management.

Gesa Maschkowski is Ph.D. student at the Institute for Food and Resource Economics, Bonn University. She is working on nutrition communication, motivation and ability related factors of healthy eating. Moreover, she aims to analyze parents’ information needs regarding healthy nutrition. In her research she applies qualitative as well as quantitative research methods and is bridging the gap between food science and food economics.

Prof. Jutta Roosen, Ph.D., is professor at the Department of Marketing and Consumer Research of TUM Business School. Her current research focuses on consumer economics with the aim to better understand decision processes regarding information, technologies and cultural aspects. Among others she is working on consumer demand for personalized nutrition and parental response to health risk information.